Sunday, May 22, 2011

Big Plays from Kobe in the Clutch

People tend to forget how clutch Kobe has been for much of his Hall-of-Fame career.  Here are some of his best moments.  Enjoy it.
Blog by Haz Bey

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lakers Out of Contention in May.... Oh No, Oh No, Oh No, Oh No..... OOOOH YEAAAAAH!!!!

Blog by Haz Bey

Gone too soon...

The Finals will not have the Lakers participating for the first time since 2007.  No one could have expected this, not even the Mavericks.  And believe me, the Mavs are just as shocked as anyone on how the swept the 2-time defending champs.  How do you think the Lakers will respond next season?  My guess is that Kobe will work himself to death this summer and will come back stronger with a huge chip on his shoulder.  He might have an MVP-type season and we all know he deserves one from 2006 when he was robbed of that title by 2-time MVP Steve Nash. 

Pau Must Man-Up Next Year
Pau Gasol had such a bad playoff, that all Laker fans, including myself, wanted to part ways with him.  But lets be real.  His contract is so huge and he can't possibly play any worse then he did this post season, right?  Lamar Odom needs to play 35 plus minutes next season.  Derek Fisher, well, you know we love you.  You have hit some of the biggest shots in Lakers history, but you can't guard anyone anymore.  Age has caught up with you and you are hurting us defensively.  We need some young blood with Kobe in the back court next season, hopefully we get it.  Brian Shaw needs to be head coach.  He has Kobe's respect, plus he will run the triangle.  We will bring back our core group, so maintaining stability with running the same offense is a must.  Hey, we do not need to blow the project up.  We just need a little upgrade on the perimeter and a solid back-up center.  We are more than poised to win again.  So to the rest of the NBA, have your fun now, because come next season, the "Purple & Gold" will be back to reclaim the title.