Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Metta Suspended... 7 GAMES

By Haz Bey

Metta World Peace has been suspended by the NBA for 7 games, including the 1st 6 playoff games for the Lakers this post season.  Depending on how long or short their 1st round series will go, it remains to be seen if MWP's suspension will cost the Lakers their run at a 3 title in 4 years.  Formerly known as Ron Artest, Metta has the league's longest suspension of all time at 86 games from the brawl from 2004 when World Peace was on the Pacers as they faced the Detroit Pistons.  Metta & a few other Players took to the stands where players and fans duked it out, violently.  Since then MWP has been a model citizen and has been received the NBA's Citizenship Award.  Not to mention he has donated his 2010 Lakers Championship Ring to charity to support mental health research.  Anyone that really knows Metta World Peace says that he has a huge heart and is just the sweetest guy you could ever meet. 

What happened this past Sunday?  For me, it's just the emotion of a huge game against an elite opponent who has had the Lakers number this season.  He dunks on Ibaka & Durant, then stops to celebrates towards the crowd, but why does James Harden run into him?   Peace had stopped, but Harden had no business running into him.  So MWP throws a vicious elbow once he was bumped by Harden.  Knocking him out instantly.  So was what MWP did during that game wrong?  Yes, by all means, it had no business during the game.  Was it warranted a 7 game suspension?  No, he didn't even look to see where Harden was, he instantly reacted to an opponent bumping to irritate him.  Just an unfortunate event for all parties involved.  James Harden has to go through a series of test before he can get back on the court.  Hopefully he will not miss any playoff action, but MWP should only be out for 3 games, bottom line.  The punishment does not fit the crime.  Now let's see what direction the Lakers go without the "Artest, formerly known as Ron" for 6 straight playoff games.  Are they going to rally around each other and pick up the slack defensively or will that suffer a 1st or 2nd round exit without MWP's presence?