Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lake-Show in the Offseason, So Far

Blog by Haz Bey
Well, this offseason is different from recent ones.  Mainly due to the fact that the Lakers season ended in May rather than June.  After 3 straight NBA Finals appearances, it is time to shake up this team, a little bit.  We lost Philly-Phil to retirement and now former NBA Coach of the Year Mike Brown will try to lead this team to another championship run.  Kobe Bryant had a rare procedure done to his surgically-repaired right knee to speed up the healing process, but we have not heard from him about the signing of Coach Brown.  Derrick Fisher has helped lead the NBA to it's 1st lockout in 13 years as the NBPA President.  Ron Artest is in the process to becoming the one & only "Metta World Peace" (Ron said on PTI that his name will appear as "World Peace" on the back of his uniform).  Lamar Odom & Pau Gasol was the talk of trade talks up until the draft.  Matt Barnes exercised his player's option, but Shannon Brown opted out of his.  Long story short, there is a lot going on in Hollywood this summer and with the lockout in full swing, who knows how it will affect this talented group.  We all know that this team's window has not shut yet, but as lazy & complacent as this team can get, lets just hope that if we miss games due to the lockout, once it's over, this Laker team can find the focus to climb back up the mountain to reclaim the title.
Take That, Take That!!!

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